iMac or MBP

A strong appeal of that I got possible to utilize the design change of next iMac for the general work that iMac used Mac for. The performance difference on a catalogue with real MacBook Pro has lost. Of a horsepower when work gets crowded, and work becomes complicated, and a difference with a professional (with in old days, Power) machine and “i” machine says for the person who still used Mac as a tool all the time in here is different, and thinking that there is it do not easily disappear. It is expected that the same number will choose a professional machine. It obtained Macmini for 1:00 period that that kind of recognition changed, and having tried to use it for a while. Did it very much, appearing was an impression whether there was not.
I am at a loss before new iMac or a little whether upgrading is the MBP + monitor whom I became. Though iMac is considerably cheaper when it is comparison of a price simply, it is one of the reasons why it hesitates about to make a little difference when it thinks about afterward in ahead of time of the whole machine constitution on hand. I will decide to think while enjoying it slowly and carefully because there is time a little more till a budget is finished.



I touched it successively in Apple Store Ginza on 2nd.
Though I aimed at 20 inches at the beginning, a feeling is inclining to 24 inches because the quality of the liquid crystal felt it with one now (to use it by work). I am reflected, and the unpleasant reflection does not seem to almost bring itself to be crowded.