Pandora’s box

I was able to hear that the friend of the country where communication did not reach fell illness for a while from the person himself on the telephone today. It was half to have felt relieved, but it was worried even more.
That reminds me another fellow worker is eager in treatment of the diabetes.
Will it be that it was such a generation soon?
There is not the part particularly out of condition superficially if I say as for me. Though the filler of the tooth has come off, but there is not room reaching dentist, and there is it how many extremely small concern it is.
I am not taking a medical examination very for a long time. I do not belong to the organizations such as companies, but one’s body thinks that there is the part which fawned on the fantasy that oneself knows most.
When I would not open Pandora’s box of my own, I was fierce slightly, but had better have you examine me once.


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