I will write far-off Tibet

I think that a long time ago I knew nature and people of Tibet with a book or television. I learned a sense of closeness immediately. The information sometimes arrives as close existence and knows the history vaguely afterwards. But I have not been to Tibet. I do not go to even China. I try to begin to write it with being vague.

The situation turning worse according to the news. I wanted to write it what it was. But I can write what about I have not met either people, a country without what I performed. Probably, as for dozens of times, the people who are in the nucleus of the politics Chinese than me will think about Tibet. It thinks that naturally I should think about the thing of people as well as saying a right or resources. Then why is it?

It was used violence on a Chinese officer citizen of a viewpoint same as me, youth and Grandmother. There is a murdered person. I thought that I could trust such a picture. I cannot forgive it.

I yearn for the way of thinking of the Chinese person, the Chinese economic power / armaments and the way of thinking of the person of Tibet, the reaction of other countries, the correspondence of the, for example, next Indian person, the interest. How about Japan?
Sudden China which developed is sometimes tyrannical, and there may be the side that hurried too much. The other countries would overlook economy or industry for a thing together, too. Thus it is hard to have come to give the voice of the regret as the country.

When I looked at the state that Björk sang in Shanghai to totally tell an opening in YouTube, I grasped a fist without thinking that I was terrible. When I become such a situation and watch it some other time, feelings more different come. Though Björk is one of the artists listening well, surpass such a thing.

I feel a feeling of ineffectualness as it is almost a zero. Many people will be so.

Do not you write far-off Tibet?


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