Imagination WBC 2009

I am somewhat worried about baseball in the days of start front and back and the final stage.
By the way, what kind of development waits this year?
Because the thing of WBC of the next year was announced, I made imagination order of Japan. Though very personal preference enters; such a feeling. Ha ha, it is played.

CF : Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners)
3B : Norihiro Nakamura (Chunichi Dragons)
C : Kenji Jojima (Seattle Mariners)
1B : Hideki Matsui (New York Yankees)
RF : Kosuke Fukudome (Chicago Cubs)
2B : Tadahito Iguchi (Sandiego Padres)
DH : Akinori Iwamura (Tampa Bay Rays)
LF : So Taguchi (Philadelphia Phillies)
SS : Kaz Matsui (Houston Astros)

P : Matsuzaka, Darvish, Kuroda, Uehara,
Utsumi, Okajima, Otsuka, Iwase

Manager : Hideo Nomo
Coach : Atsuya Furuta
Coach : Shigetoshi Hasegawa

I do not say a player to merely like putting Nakamura. I think that a person understanding the intention that classified his batting order into the second understands it. It is the third batting order to be difficult. Cannot you but have a good player of the condition enter? A thing with a few players to invite from Japan is an unmanageable place, but hitting it wants to call it among “Ara-Iba” and Kawasaki, Matsunaka.
By the order that the condition has good pitcher for the flow. Is not Otsuka thrown in next spring?
Is it a manager, a coach? A divergent view is rejection :-).


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